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phone is very stubborn

月曜日, 7月 27th, 2015

She was very hesitant to take my temporary replacement cell phone, according to the according to confirm that he will use the old cell phone text messaging, began to deal with YD broadband renewal for me.

My cell however, has not received a system message, let alone what to answer. However, the computer display has to accept the completion. So she try to play my phone for a while if the door, for a moment doubt my cell phone has a problem, then anxiously call and ask her husband what to do, not single she pulled, and could not confirm whether to accept the success, the money has been paid, and this is the monopoly industries, have what way? Anyway is an acquaintance, zero point one, one thousand not to stop the net, also had to wait for the next day her husband to deal with.

Home I took a look in the mirror and see if I was with a face, silly, silly, why would anyone doubt I even don’t reply the SMS not? In the mirror I except a little tan black porcelain gas left, like their hometown Chen Lu town black ceramics piece of porcelain tile in the slope.

Often listen to the mother said before the first year anyway, when I was a child, always thought that I’m a fool in the home, because my life at the beginning of August, obediently to eat and sleep and eat all the time, to the second year of dragon boat, in a thin dress up and walked, so special flat head, figure than some positive regards. Then I have been quiet and bored with moving people, can lay not sit, can sit not standing, summarize is in mother’s words, standing where can think stand a hole, no matter what reaction always slower than others.

Hello world!

月曜日, 7月 27th, 2015

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